Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Questionable CONMEBOL verdict on Boca Juniors & Co.

Today, the South American football association CONMEBOL has reduced multiple sanctions for clubs and players significantly. This has been justified with it being the "centenary year" of the organization.

The serious pepper gas incidents in last year's Copa Libertadores round of 16 Superclásico are still in a lot of peoples minds. Boca was originally handed a 4 game both home and away fan ban, as well as a $200.000 fine. 

This has been heavily recuded with today's decision by CONMEBOL. Following the inaugeration of the new authorities, the Argentine club will only be forced to play behind closed doors once. Away fans are not allowed for just one game as well. For Boca, this concerns the opening visit to Deportivo Cali and the home game against the winner of Puebla vs Racing Club.

Scenes from last year's Superclásico (photo from worldsoccer.com)

In the process of the questionable judgment, the Uruguayan vice president of the Disciplinary Tribunal, Leiza Adrián Zunino, stepped down from his position. 
"I think it is illegitimate. There is an interference of politics. I will resign, because I don't agree with this and can not be in a place where we don't share the same positions." - Zunino
Should you create a possible precedent in (South American) football, only because it's the 100th birthday of CONMEBOL? In times of organizational scandals, it was probably not the smartest decision to make. If there was any credibility left, what does this do to it?

Not only Boca profit from the decision, multiple other clubs and players are on the plus side as well, including Rosario Central, Iván Alonso or Sébastian Saja.


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