Friday, August 14, 2015

Bolivian Disaster in the Sudamericana

Oriente Petrolero 0-3 Nacional.

Defensor Sporting 3-0 Club Bolívar.

CA Juventud 4-1 Real Potosí.

Club Aurora 1-2 Sportivo Luqueño.

Difícil revertir, pero no imposible

A loss in an Uruguayan swimming pool: Bolívar fell 3-0 to Defensor.

The first round could have started off better for the Bolivian teams. Each and every one of them lost in a pretty heavy fashion. Three times, Uruguayan teams destroyed their opponents: Nacional, Defensor and Juventud were the clearly better clubs in their meetings. Club Aurora, who do not even play in the highest Bolivian league, remarkably managed the lowest of all losses. The way it came together though is one for every fail compilation and you need to see it.

Bolivia’s football does not look particularly strong at the moment. While they managed to at least get one team into the round of 16 of the Libertadores in Universitario Sucre, and therefore did better than Peru, Chile and Venezuela, this is a total disaster, as it looks extremely unlikely that any of them will advance.

Furthermore, it’s been 21 years since the last qualification for a World Cup from the national team. As the biggest success, a Copa América win is even longer ago (1963), not much speaks for a turnaround anytime soon.


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