Friday, May 13, 2016

Statistical overview of Nacional vs Boca

Last night, the first impressions after Nacional vs Boca had me talking of a relatively even game in the match report. Just how even was it exactly and what can be expected for the second leg in a week's time?

When taking a look at the statistical overview from last night, we can see that our first impression was surely not a wrong one. Even possession for the most part, even shots on goal fired by both teams. Just accuracy-wise, Nacional had the slight edge. Boca's one shot on goal from Frank Fabri actually found the back of the net. 
Boca's large amount of 26 fouls came together in the first half predominantly. Especially during the first half hour, the Argentine double winner lacked precision, structure and a strategy from coach Guillermo Schelotto. Admittedly, they got it together eventually then and managed to play a much better second half, in particular during the early stages.

The passing accuracy of both teams was not far from one another either. Nacional's players managed to get 78% of their passes to a teammate, whereas Boca reached a final number of 81%. 

A player that stepped up offensively in Nico López' early absence due to injury was Sebastián Fernández, who has been in good form lately. He not only collected the largest amount of shots for the Uruguayans, but also managed to score the equalizer with a lovely turnaround shot.

Overall, there are not many facts that would indicate a much different game at the Bombonera next week. Boca has one huge advantage though: They can save energy and their key players will get rest in the league, which is already over for the club. Whether they win or lose does not matter anymore. Nacional on the other hand have the biggest game of their season sandwiched between the Copa Libertadores quarterfinal legs as they welcome Peñarol at the Centenario.


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