Thursday, March 3, 2016

Linesman steals winning goal - Nacional draw again

The goal that wasn't one: Barcia scored, the linesman didn't see it.
Uruguayan duel in the Copa Libertadores: In tonight's matchup, Nacional hosted River Plate at the Gran Parque Central. Not long ago, Nacional won the league match between the clubs 3-0.

Let me not waste your time with the first half description. For about 35 minutes it was absolutely dreadful, filled with misplaced passes and tight midfield battles. Afterwards, it got a little better offensively. The prime chance fell to the visitors, when Michael Santos delivered a freekick from the left of the penalty area. Esteban Conde deflected the ball against Nacional's own post with his fingertips. Sebastian Ribas could not bury the rebound from a short distance. 

Nacional had their best attempts through shots from Seba Fernández (saved) and Nico López (just wide). The two strikers did not take part in the game too much aside from those scenes. While the hosts held most of the possession, nothing came out of it and we went to halftime tied at zero.

Most exciting scene in the highlight pack? Gran Parque Central's sprinklers going off while River tried to take a corner. Okay, off to the second half we go.

It was all Nacional for the second 45 minutes who produced chance after chance after chance. Only to not be rewarded. Or the 69th minute, Leandro Barcia who had a pretty good game on his wing, scored a regular goal. Sadly the linesman saw that differently and it did not count to the surprise of the great crowd.

Kevin Ramírez probably had the most spectacular attempt of the evening, firing an overhead kick on target, brilliantly saved by opposing goalkeeper Nicola Perez. The balls just would not go into the net today and for the second time in as many Copa Libertadores games, both teams end up with a point. And yet again, Nacional were unlucky while River wonder how on earth they won them.

Nacional ratings: Conde (7) - Fucile (6), Gorga (5), Polenta (7), Espino (6) - Romero (5), Porras (8) - Barcia (7), Ramírez (5) - Fernández (6), López (5).


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