Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One More Year – Zé Roberto Extends Contract

If age is really just a number, the expert for this thesis is a Brazilian athlete. Zé Roberto, at the age of 41, has extended his contract for another year with his club Palmeiras in São Paulo. This deal keeps him playing in his home country until at least December 2016.


(Photo: Reginaldo Castro/ LANCE!Press)

The former Brazilian international (84 games/6 goals) started his professional career in 1994, when he joined the first team from Portuguesa. From there on, it only went further upwards, teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Bayer Leverkusen look good on any resume. The largest part of his playing career was spent in Germany, where he easily became one of the most popular and likeable Bundesliga players.

One of his biggest strengths, his versatility, is shown again in the recent Série A season with Palmeiras. From leftback to left wing, central midfield or offensive midfield, Zé plays wherever the coach needs him most. Additionally, he leads the young players by example as Palmeiras’ captain and is able to show them what being a professional footballer and taking care of your body means.

In the club’s website interview with the player, Zé Roberto shows himself very content with the way things have worked out lately: "I'm very happy about the planning that is being done and, of course, about the extension of my contract. I feel great joy to know that I'm going to keep playing for Palmeiras one more year and I hope that during this period, we can honor the shirt of the club and reach our goals, which, of course, include winning titles and give even more joy to Palmeiras fans.”

The team is doing just fine, sitting only one point behind 4th place Santos. After a relatively rough up and down start to the season, they are knocking on the door of Copa Libertadores football in 2016. And that is surely not something you want to miss if you are a competitive athlete like Zé Roberto.


Palmeiras season up until today: The team has found itself and fights for 4th place (graphic: transfermarkt).


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