Friday, May 29, 2015

Guaraní completes semifinal - Copa Libertadores

Guaraní have reached the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. A goalless draw last night was enough to advance 1-0 on aggregate against the Argentinian side Racing Club. A massive achievement to keep Racing fully off the scoresheet, considering the opponent had (and still has) the competition's top scorer. Either way, the times of Bou and Milito are over, it's time to look at what awaits us in the semifinal after the upcoming Copa América.

Guaraní will once again face an Argentinian team, this time with the home advantage in the second leg on top. The iconic River Plate are their opponents. After beating Corinthians and Racing, I personally do not see why they should not be able to beat River as well. When you are on a run like they clearly are, anything is possible. 

The second game in the round of the last 4 has Internacional meeting UANL Tigres. These teams are 3rd and 2nd seed in the competition, making these matches seemingly have all the ingredients for a quality tie. 

Obviously a lot will depend on how each team comes out of the gates again once the Copa América is finished. Definitely a nice touch is the diversity when it comes to the countries that are still involved. Four teams, four countries. Bring it on!


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