Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pathetic São Paulo derby – Anyone need an actor?

One could write about the game between São Paulo FC and Corinthians SP. Or one could take a look at all the pure ridiculousness that took place in the matchup between the Brazilian rivals.
Already in the 20th minute, Emerson from Corinthians was sent off with a straight red card. If you see it on the video I linked you below, you are just going to scratch your head over it like I did. São Paulo’s defender Rafael Tolói fouled Emerson on the wing, so far, so good. The real problem starts then. At first, he tries getting the ball out from underneath the attacking player, only to proceed to stamp on Emerson’s leg. A clear red card, that was not detected by either referee or his assistants. Surprisingly enough, the striker stays completely calm and wants to play on, and as the hosts move the ball forward, the two players have a slight coming together, as Emerson’s foot touches Tolói’s. The defender goes down and rolls around like he was hit by a lightning strike, the red card funnily enough goes to Emerson.

But do not worry, that was not all. Acting class part 2 took place in the 55th minute. Luis Fabiano held the ball on the right wing for São Paulo, before losing it to substitute John Mendoza. Fabiano tries to win it back, can’t do so, but instead pushes the defender out of play along with the ball. Mendoza’s hand comes up, Luis Fabiano goes down. Was he ever touched by it? Of course not. The referees decision is even more interesting here, he hands the striker his second yellow card and sends him off, but Mendoza himself received a straight red. Good acting job, Luis, you got what you deserved for it. Sadly at cost of Corinthians’ defender as well.

What stays from this game? That São Paulo’s players should be ashamed of themselves after pulling off this crap. This is by no means what football needs or ever needed or ever will need. And it does not matter if this is a derby or not, show some class and do not sink this low.


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